MA in Political Science and International Relations

The MA programme aims at deepening students’ knowledge in comparative politics, international relations, political theory, and Turkish politics. Moreover, it aims at provide students with intellectual depth and with the necessary tools to think independently, to question and criticize, engage in collaborative work and be open-minded about alternative approaches. The Department has therefore adopted an interdisciplinary perspective and a multi-dimensional approach.

The languages of instruction in our MA programme are English and Turkish. Students must be able to understand the main ideas of complex text in the field of politics and be able to interact with a degree of fluency in both languages.

A successful MA student is required to respect the course and programme deadlines. When you complete your spring semester, you have to choose your advisor and start to formulate a research topic. As a first step, you should choose the area in which you plan your research and then ask a lecturer to be your advisor. Every lecturer in the department has his/her own field of research; so learn about their field of research through examining their CV and publications. You can also opt for an advisor outside the Department of Political Science and International Relations. The Head of Department can help you in finding the right advisor.

You have to define the topic, title and advisor by the end of June and communicate it to the Head of Department and the Institute of Social Sciences.

By the first week of October, in a seminar, you have to present your research proposal to a commission nominated by the Head of Department. While writing your research proposal, remember to define your research proposal, to present a basic literature review on the topic, explain your methodology and schedule.

By the end of May you have to apply to the Institute of Social Sciences to defend your thesis. You will be asked to hand a copy of your final work to the examining commission that, between June and middle July, will convene for the defence session.

The thesis is expected to be an original work by the student formulated in a scholarly manner and must rigorously be in accordance with academic ethic. Your thesis should be between 25.000 and 30.000 words (including footnotes and bibliography). The department invite the students to follow the latest edition of The Chicago Manual of Style for the editing style and bibliography. However, in accordance with your advisor, you may choose a different style more suitable with your field of research.